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(Vessels of 15 meters or less in length)

(Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Jun English Course 2024: Enrol both Part A and Part B courses)

Special offer for two or more people sign up and pay the course at the same time.

Starting from now, if you have 2 or more people who sign up and pay for the Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Jun English Course 2024 both Part A and Part B together at the same time, the lesson fee is$500 less than the original price

Year of the Dragon Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Express course (Valid for 1 year)

In the new year, Sea Dynamics is offering you a special discount on Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Express course, especially for those who want to obtain their license as quickly as possible. 
The course fee (Part A + Part B) is $4,000 and is valid for 1 year, plus a 3 month Apps period. You must then pay to use the apps again ( Android mobile only)

For more details, you can contact us via whatsapp 68094747 or phone 26044747.

Special discounts are not available for Express courses signed up by 2 or more people.

Time Table | Enrollment / Download forms
  • Mock questions are updated regularly for our students' reference, and we have video or audio to explain each questions.
  • The course uses computer animations to help our students to understand rules of lights, preventing collisions, etc.
  • The instructor has special methods and tips to help our students to prepare for exam.
  • We have a lot of students pass the exam every year, please visit our message board

Course content:

Part A: Navigation, Seamanship and Safety

  1. Handling characteristics and limitations of small craft
  2. Anchoring
  3. Start up and close down safety checks
  4. Chart work, position fixing, ETA etc.
  5. Tides
  6. Navigation of small power driven craft in restricted visibility
  7. Local knowledge
  8. International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, including lights, sound signals, etc.
  9. Safety equipment to be carried on board
  10. Use of VHF
  11. Marine Department services
  12. Storm signals and weather
  13. Handling of emergency situations
  14. Accident reports
Part A English Course Time Table
Date Time
Jun/Jul Class

June 22 or Jul 21, 2024 (Sat)

10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
(lunch time: 1pm - 2pm)

* Next class will be conducted in Aug, 2024.

* If you cannot attend the lessons on the above dates, you can watch the course video in our office instead, anytime during our office hours.

Mock Papers Revision Time:
Monday - Friday 11:30am - 9pm
(no lunch break)
(Close on Sat, Sun and public holiday

Students can have unlimited trial of mock exam questions during the above period

  1. After you attended the lessons or watched course video, and booked for exam, you can come to our office to study the mock exam questions for free during our office hours. If you enroll both Part A and Part B courses at the same time, the course is valid for 2 years. If you enroll either Part A or Part B course only, the course is valid for 1 year.
  2. We also provide course for local knowledge. Please contact us for details.
  3. Next class will be conducted on another month (depend on how many student)
Please call 2604 4747, whatsapp 6809 4747 or email us for enrollment or inquiry
(we will reply asap during office hours)  

 Lesson fee:

HK$6,000 per person (including Part A & Part B)
(Exclude PEAK exam centre exam fee)


Wan Chai  



 Exam requirement:

- Age 18 or above
- Applicant must ensure meet the eye-sight standards of Marine Department on distant vision and color vision (detail)

 Exam location: PEAK exam centre (Wan Chai)
 Notice of pick up license:

if you have passed all exmas, you can submit the application for picking up the license by going to Marine Department yourself or by post.
Please bring along
1. 2 passing mark sheets https://www.peak.edu.hk/exam/en/checkexam/PVOC2
Mark sheets available for download 1 hour after your exam of Part A and Part B via the website link above
2. application form (with ID photo) (download the application form)
3. eye-sight test form (download the eye-test form)
4. your HKID soft copy
5. $220 License handling fee
After a review of Marine Department, You can pick up your license at Marine Department"YOURSELF"on or after 10 WORKING DAYS

* Please note that Marine Department only accept eye-test report completed by Hong Kong registered doctor (with registration no. starting with "M") or Part I / Part II registered optometrist (with registration no. starting with "OP1" or "OP2").

( *Please make sure the doctor / optometrist fill in all the blanks correctly. If there is any mistake in the eye-test report, please ask the doctor / optometrist to sign next to each amendment.)

Marine Department address:
Rm 303, 3/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central

Office hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 12:30pm, 2pm - 4:30pm
Sat, Sun and public holidays: closed


To enroll our course and book for exam, please prepare the following documents
(per person):

  1. Completed and signed Application Form (download the application form)
  2. 2 recent photos
  3. 1 copy of Hong Kong Identity Card
  4. Lesson fee $6,000 (including Part A & Part B) (PEAK exam centre exam fee: $550 for each part is NOT included)

    Please pay by cash,FPS or cheque (made payable to <Sea Dynamics Limited>)
    1. We do not accept credit cards.
    2. If you pay by cheque, please send it to us at least 10 working days
     before the lesson or watching the course video



According to the Hong Kong Shipping and Port Control Ordinance Marine Department, all operators of pleasure vessels, boats and yachts driving within Hong Kong waters MUST HOLD the Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency.

* The fees are subject to change. The final announcement from our company shall prevail.

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